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RED System Training We believe that investment in effective training is money well spent.  The payback from the productivity of trained staff when implementing a new computer system is many times the cost of the Training. Training is an investment in people and a great way of retaining staff.  However is it not uncommon for computer systems to be installed without adequate training that eventually leads to disgruntled staff, systems not being used and the investment essentially wasted. Our goal is to ensure that when our customers go live their staff can use the software competently and with confidence from day one.  Our training methodology is to deliver 'practical exercise driven' training.  Our trainers show people how to do something and then the teaching is immediately re- enforced with practical exercises.  Exercise driven training allows differing skill levels to be trained successfully at the same time. The training has been broken down into components and we have identified by customer staff role the components most likely to benefit each role. Customers have an opportunity to get the best value from their training expenditure, because they are able to work with our trainers to ensure that the right members of your staff are trained at the right time to enable a successful 'go live'.
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Train everyone lavishly, you can’t overspend on TRAINING! Tom Peters American Management Consultant
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